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Winter Cocktails to Celebrate the Holidays

With the winter holidays quickly approaching settle down with your Christmas shopping list and ring in the New Year with a flavor-filled cocktail. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite to carry into the new year with you or are simply looking to play around with drink ideas during any holiday parties, read on to discover some fun winter cocktails to keep in mind this year.

Twentieth Century Cocktail

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this classic has no place on this list. While it originated in the early 1900s, this little drink improves on your basic gin martini by introducing the flavor profiles found in Lillet Blanc, crème de cacao, and lemon juice to liven up your cocktail. Take the time to appreciate the notes of citrus and chocolate as you’re either opening presents or basking in the feeling of fresh starts this New Years.

Bartender mixing an Irish Coffee cocktail.
Bartender mixing an Irish Coffee cocktail.

Midnight Martini

What about a cocktail which packs both flavor and a punch of caffeine to help you reach midnight? To achieve its namesake of the Midnight Martini, this drink shows how sometimes the simple things work just as well as a more complicated recipe. It’s also fun because you only need two-three ingredients (espresso vodka and coffee liqueur) to get the desired coffee taste and effect. If you want to add some extra flavor to your drink, adding a little cinnamon syrup should do just the trick.

Irish Coffee

If you’d like to guarantee your being awake to welcome the new year, but don’t quite want the full alcohol punch the Midnight Martini provides, consider making an Irish Coffee to meet your needs. Using hot coffee, brown sugar syrup, and Irish whisky, you’ll be sure to relax into the celebrations with this warm, classic cocktail.

Icelandic Hot Chocolate

When it comes to winter drinks, nothing really screams “cold weather drink” quite like a cup of tasty hot chocolate. While of course drinking hot chocolate is for everyone, why not add a grown up flair to your glass this holiday season? By mixing hot chocolate, Reyka vodka, Ancho Reyes, and Angostura bitters you’ll be guaranteed a cozy drink that’ll warm you up from the inside while making you feel nostalgic for childhood.

Bloody Mary cocktail.
Bloody Mary cocktail.

Bloody Mary

This is the drink you prepare when you know someone is going to be experiencing a hangover the next morning. Fun fact: a Bloody Mary is the most popular drink on New Year’s Day, which is the reason many call it “Bloody Mary Day.” While you’re shopping for ingredients for your other drinks, it would be helpful to purchase a Bloody Mary mix on your shopping trip for the morning after.  


No matter if you’re planning to attend parties this holiday season or practice your hosting skills, keep these cocktails in mind for a memorable experience. Whether you want to try an Irish Coffee or the classic Twentieth Century Cocktail, take the time to come and visit our bartenders at Johnny’s Bar & Grill this holiday season for great food and drinks this year.

Drinking Smarter During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to warm your body up with alcohol. That said, alcohol consumption spikes up during this festive time and results in higher DUI incidents. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “drink responsibly”, and understanding the implications behind that phrase isn’t very difficult. No one recommends taking six shots within one hour or that you have to finish a bottle of wine before the night ends. The way you consume your alcohol is up to you, but we’re going to offer ways in which you can drink smarter and save yourself from turning a Christmas party into a nightmare. Drinking in moderation will not only help you enjoy your festivities but also shape your drinking habits for non-holiday events or activities.


Alcohol dehydrates you fast; it’s a diuretic, which means you’re going to run to the bathroom quite often. Because you’re flushing out the fluids from your body, you’re going to lack key electrolytes and experience a worse hangover than if you’d stayed hydrated. Drinking water in between your alcoholic drinks is essential to staying hydrated and maintaining your composure in a social setting. Don’t ever feel ashamed for carrying around a cup or bottle of water – you know your body best!

Use low-calorie mixers.

It’s easy to pack on a lot of calories during the holidays, especially during Thanksgiving. When you’ve got alcohol on the menu, you’ll want to stay wary of how much you’re consuming. Try weaving in low-calorie mixers such as no-calorie sodas or tonics. Dabble in some alcoholic experiments because you’ll never know what you might create that’s beneficial for your weight and health!

Enjoy in moderation.

No matter what kind of drinker you are, you should slow down and enjoy the festivities. You don’t want to pass out within an hour after gulping down shots of tequila and wake up the next day without really conversing with friends or family. Most things in life should be enjoyed in moderation because too much of it can ruin the experience or fun. That doesn’t mean you have to cut alcohol out of your celebrations – just be aware of your limits!

Remember why you’re celebrating.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why you’re drinking in the first place because the alcohol kicks in pretty quickly. With the holidays just around the corner, you’re going to see family and friends who you haven’t connected with in a long time. The precious days that you have off from work might be the only ones you can use to see loved ones. Don’t let overconsumption of alcohol get in the way of celebrating the holidays!


Despite what anyone says, you can drink smart. That doesn’t mean you have to call yourself the “sober crew”; you’re just taking sips in moderation while focusing on the holiday party. We’ve outlined just a few tips, but there are plenty more that you can take into consideration when you’re spending time with friends and family for the holidays. What’s most important when consuming alcohol is that you’re hydrated and you’re eating enough food to satisfy your cravings for the rest of the year!