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Drinks to Warm You Up This Holiday Season

As the winter months bring more chilly winter days, getting creative and finding new drink recipes is a great way to have fun while staying warm this holiday season! Wither it’s a switch-up on an old classic or you are looking to try something new, there are plenty of drinks that can remind you of the holidays while expanding your drinking pallet and keeping warm. Below are a few ideas for your next round.

Warm Orange Maple Old Fashioned

A drink that earned the name the old fashioned has stood the test of time. An orange maple old fashioned is similar to the beverage, but with a twist. Add boiling water to maple bourbon and combine with muddled sugar and bitters. Complete with a cinnamon stick garnish and an orange peel. This drink is sure to be a holiday hit and warm you up from the inside out!

Holiday Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a classic drink that everyone should try at some point! For a holiday take on the classic bourbon hot toddy, spice things up by adding any type of holiday spiced liquor such as pumpkin or peppermint. Plus, since this drink is tea based it’s perfect to drink morning, afternoon, or night! We recommend asking your bartender what options they have for the holidays so you can try something new and bold, you will not be disappointed.

Cranberry Gin and Tonic

Grab your classic gin and tonic and add a little bit of holiday cheer by adding come cranberry juice and garnishing with a lime, mint, or rosemary. This drink is perfect for someone who would like a cold drink but does not want anything too sugary or sweet. This beverage is the perfect balance of alcohol and festive seasonal berries so you enjoy the holidays in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

Have fun this season knowing you don’t have to stick with your typical beer or wine. These holiday cocktails are sure to bring festive flavors and help open doors for many more festive drinks this holiday season! Spice things up while staying warm by trying one of the drinks above at your local bar Johnny’s Bar & Grill.

Read This and Drink with Confidence

Ask anyone who drinks alcohol and you’ll hear something different from everybody. One will attest that tequila makes them euphoric and social, another will attribute their sudden rush of aggressiveness to too much Jack Daniels or Vodka. While there is plenty of scientific study about how alcohol affects the brain, there is still not a lot of information on how different types of alcohol work on the body. If you’ve ever wondered how to drink with more confidence, read on!

 A “Standard” to Live By

Did you know that all alcohol whether you’re talking about wine, beer, whiskey, or tequila is the same? All drinkable alcohols are made from ethanol, and ethanol just so happens to be what gets you drunk. The NIH thus has created the “standard drink” model so people can understand that all drinks regardless of their respective sizes contain the same amount of ethanol. A standard drink refers to 12 ounces of beer, 1.5 ounces of liquor, or 5 ounces of wine.

The Factor of Environment

The way in which you consume alcohol, as well as the environment where you consume it both play important roles in how it will affect your body and mood. Having a few beers while watching TV will feel different than taking 2 back-to-back shots at a club with your friends. This is because your choice of drinking environment is reinforcing the experience you want to have. For example, if you like to philosophize around the fireplace, sipping on a peaty scotch is probably a better choice than shots of Jägermeister and Red Bull.

The company you keep while drinking is also indicative of your mood while drinking. Studies have shown that when individuals are with others that are drinking heavily, they’re more inclined to feel just as intoxicated as their comrades even if they haven’t drunk as much. Choose your friends wisely when you’re planning on consuming alcohol, it will influence your experience heavily.

In the Mix

Are you feeling uncharacteristically tired or hyper after a few cocktails? If your drink is mixed with highly caffeinated or sugary liquids, it will quench the intoxicated feeling even though you’re taking on the same amount of alcohol. Sugar has been found to actually mitigate the effects of intoxication because it slows down the entry of ethanol into the bloodstream.


The best strategy for a fun night out on the town is to moderate your drinking and keep in mind that your experience with alcohol is hinged on both who you’re with as well as what you’re mixing your alcohol in if anything. When you feel like having a standard drink (or two) in an inviting and fun atmosphere, visit Johnny’s Bar & Grill today.

Winter Cocktails to Celebrate the Holidays

With the winter holidays quickly approaching settle down with your Christmas shopping list and ring in the New Year with a flavor-filled cocktail. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite to carry into the new year with you or are simply looking to play around with drink ideas during any holiday parties, read on to discover some fun winter cocktails to keep in mind this year.

Twentieth Century Cocktail

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this classic has no place on this list. While it originated in the early 1900s, this little drink improves on your basic gin martini by introducing the flavor profiles found in Lillet Blanc, crème de cacao, and lemon juice to liven up your cocktail. Take the time to appreciate the notes of citrus and chocolate as you’re either opening presents or basking in the feeling of fresh starts this New Years.

Bartender mixing an Irish Coffee cocktail.
Bartender mixing an Irish Coffee cocktail.

Midnight Martini

What about a cocktail which packs both flavor and a punch of caffeine to help you reach midnight? To achieve its namesake of the Midnight Martini, this drink shows how sometimes the simple things work just as well as a more complicated recipe. It’s also fun because you only need two-three ingredients (espresso vodka and coffee liqueur) to get the desired coffee taste and effect. If you want to add some extra flavor to your drink, adding a little cinnamon syrup should do just the trick.

Irish Coffee

If you’d like to guarantee your being awake to welcome the new year, but don’t quite want the full alcohol punch the Midnight Martini provides, consider making an Irish Coffee to meet your needs. Using hot coffee, brown sugar syrup, and Irish whisky, you’ll be sure to relax into the celebrations with this warm, classic cocktail.

Icelandic Hot Chocolate

When it comes to winter drinks, nothing really screams “cold weather drink” quite like a cup of tasty hot chocolate. While of course drinking hot chocolate is for everyone, why not add a grown up flair to your glass this holiday season? By mixing hot chocolate, Reyka vodka, Ancho Reyes, and Angostura bitters you’ll be guaranteed a cozy drink that’ll warm you up from the inside while making you feel nostalgic for childhood.

Bloody Mary cocktail.
Bloody Mary cocktail.

Bloody Mary

This is the drink you prepare when you know someone is going to be experiencing a hangover the next morning. Fun fact: a Bloody Mary is the most popular drink on New Year’s Day, which is the reason many call it “Bloody Mary Day.” While you’re shopping for ingredients for your other drinks, it would be helpful to purchase a Bloody Mary mix on your shopping trip for the morning after.  


No matter if you’re planning to attend parties this holiday season or practice your hosting skills, keep these cocktails in mind for a memorable experience. Whether you want to try an Irish Coffee or the classic Twentieth Century Cocktail, take the time to come and visit our bartenders at Johnny’s Bar & Grill this holiday season for great food and drinks this year.

What To Pair with a Turkey Dinner

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, turkey dinners will be abundant with savory sides and decadent desserts to match. But what about the perfect libation to match? There are so many beers, wines, and spirits to choose from, that making the one perfect pairing can seem impossible. We gathered a few suggestions on what to look for to help you narrow down your search so you can enjoy your meal with friends and family in style!


A frothy brew pairs well with turkey.

If you are a beer fanatic, you know how well it pairs well with some of our grill options. But what about the perfect brew for your turkey? It is important to find a frothy option that will complement not only the turkey, but the side dish options as well. The perfect beer will have a variety and balance of notes, such as fruity, sour, malty, spicy, and hoppy, just to name a few. Options such as a porter, Belgian ale, or Saison brew will capture the notes you are looking for to help bring out the nuances of the season.


Imbibe in a delicious wine.

There are options available to help satisfy the desires of both white and red wine lovers alike. If you love to savor a glass of red wine, a pinot noir is best due to its low bitterness, which helps enhance the flavors of your food and not overpower them. For white wine lovers, a classy sauvignon blanc is your best option with its aromatic notes to help bring out the flavors of those tasty side dishes.


A small shot of whiskey makes all the difference.

Looking to lift your mood with a flavorful spirit? Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch make the best pairing with a turkey dinner. A small pour with a few ice cubes will be more than enough to complement your dinner while still soberly enjoying family time.


Regardless of whether you are seeking the best beverage to truly enjoy the holidays or to try to get through the inevitable family drama the holidays like to bring along, we hope our pairing suggestions will help you savor the holiday season. When the holidays are over or you want to go out to get away from the hustle and bustle of the season, make sure to visit Johnny’s Bar & Grill , where we promise to have your favorite drink waiting for you!