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Flavorful Beers to Pair with Your Food

Men’s Journal says it best – “When pairing beer and food, it all comes down to matching the food’s flavors to the flavors of the beers.” Your brew and bite to eat can truly complement each other, but only if you understand how food and drink pairings work. Usually, bold and rich lagers are paired with meats, while light and hoppy ales go well with seafood and pasta. Learn more about the best beer flavors to pair with your meal!

Pizza/All Beer

When it comes to a cheesy dish, almost any beer pairs well. From cheesy breads to pan-dish pizzas, you don’t have to worry about which beer to choose. If you are ordering a light dish, such as a thin-crust pizza, lighter beers like ales or pale lagers are perfect.  

Seafood/Blonde Ales

Chicken and seafood dishes can have a lot of flavor; therefore, you don’t want to overpower the flavors with a heavy beer. Instead, opt for a beer that is lighter. Anything from a Belgian Blonde ale and German Hefeweizen to a Blue Moon can complement your fish or chicken. For richer creams and sauces, it makes sense to go for a heavier beer.

Burgers/Fuller Porter/Stouts

The best pairing for a burger or steak dish is with a dark stout. Brown ales and lagers are also great choices. Matt Simpson from The Beer Sommelier comments, “The idea is to balance the sweet malt and bitter aromatic hops. Any big robust beef or meaty food should include a beer that is big and bold enough to stand up to roasted meat like a darker, fuller porter or stout.”


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How to Pick the Best Beer

Going out to a restaurant that has a selection of unfamiliar beers can be intimidating. Imagine craving a refreshing beer, heading to the nearest restaurant, reading over the list of handcrafted brews and not recognizing a single one. Restaurants that brew their own beers tend to give creative and unfamiliar names to their finished products. While unique, it can be confusing; nobody quite knows how to order! Follow along with this blog if you’re interested in learning how to pick the best beer for your taste buds!

Past Favorites

Finding yourself craving a refreshing beer usually means you’ve tasted one in the past that you really enjoyed. When you aren’t sure which mystery beer on the menu sounds good, think back on past beer’s you’ve liked. Having a hankering usually means you have a specific taste in mind. Allow this to be your guide through the listed options.

Appearance and Taste

While looking at the list, don’t skim over the details! The name of the beer will usually give you an adequate description of appearance and taste. If not, a description will most likely follow the name on the menu. Try to match the description to the taste you are craving. Appearance and tasting notes are going to be your biggest clue. Still feeling confused? Use Google! If you’re unsure of what the beer may look like, give it a quick Google search on your smartphone! This is a sure way to know exactly what the brew looks like once poured into a glass.

When in Doubt….

If everything else fails and you’re just completely lost, there is no shame in asking. The people who work at the restaurant are going to be able to help you pick the best by answering any questions you may have. There’s no need to be embarrassed; this is their job and we guarantee they get asked multiple times a day! Our tip to you: ask the bartender, not the waiter! The bartender is going to have the best knowledge on all the different beers and will have the ability to point you in the right direction.


Don’t be intimidated by the creative and unique names that restaurants often give their brews. Simply keep in mind the taste you’re looking for, what appearance best matches and always ask when in doubt! Craving something refreshing this spring? Head on over to Johnny’s Bar & Grill website to plan your visit!