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Read This and Drink with Confidence

Ask anyone who drinks alcohol and you’ll hear something different from everybody. One will attest that tequila makes them euphoric and social, another will attribute their sudden rush of aggressiveness to too much Jack Daniels or Vodka. While there is plenty of scientific study about how alcohol affects the brain, there is still not a lot of information on how different types of alcohol work on the body. If you’ve ever wondered how to drink with more confidence, read on!

 A “Standard” to Live By

Did you know that all alcohol whether you’re talking about wine, beer, whiskey, or tequila is the same? All drinkable alcohols are made from ethanol, and ethanol just so happens to be what gets you drunk. The NIH thus has created the “standard drink” model so people can understand that all drinks regardless of their respective sizes contain the same amount of ethanol. A standard drink refers to 12 ounces of beer, 1.5 ounces of liquor, or 5 ounces of wine.

The Factor of Environment

The way in which you consume alcohol, as well as the environment where you consume it both play important roles in how it will affect your body and mood. Having a few beers while watching TV will feel different than taking 2 back-to-back shots at a club with your friends. This is because your choice of drinking environment is reinforcing the experience you want to have. For example, if you like to philosophize around the fireplace, sipping on a peaty scotch is probably a better choice than shots of Jägermeister and Red Bull.

The company you keep while drinking is also indicative of your mood while drinking. Studies have shown that when individuals are with others that are drinking heavily, they’re more inclined to feel just as intoxicated as their comrades even if they haven’t drunk as much. Choose your friends wisely when you’re planning on consuming alcohol, it will influence your experience heavily.

In the Mix

Are you feeling uncharacteristically tired or hyper after a few cocktails? If your drink is mixed with highly caffeinated or sugary liquids, it will quench the intoxicated feeling even though you’re taking on the same amount of alcohol. Sugar has been found to actually mitigate the effects of intoxication because it slows down the entry of ethanol into the bloodstream.


The best strategy for a fun night out on the town is to moderate your drinking and keep in mind that your experience with alcohol is hinged on both who you’re with as well as what you’re mixing your alcohol in if anything. When you feel like having a standard drink (or two) in an inviting and fun atmosphere, visit Johnny’s Bar & Grill today.

The Spirit of Whisky

Have you ever walked into a bar for happy hour to wet your whistle a little with some whisky? Most people do. Whisky is one of the most enjoyed spirits across the nation. When the fire-water isn’t enjoyed neat or with an ice cube, it’s being paired with some coke or as a sour. There is no wonder why it is one of the most profitable spirits in the world.

But, why are there so many terms for it? Whisky, Whisky Bourbon, and Scotch are just a few of the names that this elixir goes by. All these names can cause confusion for what is essentially the same drink. We here at Johnny’s Bar and Grill are here to shed some light on your favorite drink.

The different names for what is essentially the same drink is boiled down to the ingredients and the region where it was made. The grain being used determines what type of whisky you are going to get.


In the United States, Bourbon and Tennessee dominate our pallets and the market. First, we have Bourbon, which must contain at least 51% corn – the rest is a mix of rye, wheat or barley. About 95% of all Bourbons are distilled in Kentucky, they are synonymous with one another.

On the other hand, Tennessee Whisky must be produced in Tennessee. That may sound redundant, but whisky producing is very territorial, and Tennessee Whisky makers abhor being referred to as Bourbon. The charcoal filtering process that it goes through makes it unique to other whiskeys.


In the UK, we have smooth and delicious Scotch. Scotch is essentially Whisky, but made in Scotland. Scotch is mostly made with malted barley. Unlike most whisky’s that go well with mixing, Scotch is best enjoyed neat, or on the rocks. You don’t want to ruin that trademark bite that goes with a good Scotch. Canadian Whisky is known for its lighter and smoother taste.

Canadian Whisky, or Rye Whisky is popular with our neighbors to the north. It is often known as Rye Whisky because rye is a popular addition to give it its distinct taste. Let’s not forget about the Irish and their Whisky. It is popular for its amazingly smooth and less than sweet taste. In order to be considered Irish whisky, it must be aged in Ireland for no less than three years.

Now that you know a little bit more about the spirit of whisky, we hope the next time that you sit in a bar and order some fire tonic you feel a bit more informed. Enjoy one for us!