A chicken wing is a magnificent thing. Its flavor? Amazing. Its texture? Mesmerizing. But what exactly makes this finger food work? Below are some of the major elements that wonderfully mesh together. See if you are familiar with them all!


Getting the seasoning right for chicken wings is a crucial step in making them memorable. Today, the variations are numerous; habanero, cheddar, harissa, red pepper flakes, and orange juice concentrate all form the chicken wing scene. Daring experimenters add new ingredients day and night to invent new recipes and surprise our palates!


Chicken wings that acquire the lovely golden brown hue provide impossibly munchable surfaces. Once the chicken wings have been marinated, covered with an egg mixture, and covered with flour, they can take a plunge into the intense oven (or deep-fryer) heat oil, where the wings reach crispy perfection. Cooking the wings twice can make them even crispier. The wings can also be fried “naked,” meaning without any battering or breading.


Along with butter and sauce, vinegar makes up a significant portion of the magic of chicken wings. Not only are many wings covered with vinegar-and-cayenne pepper hot sauce, but they are also blanched in water with some vinegar (for the sake of sending extra fat into the water, and lopping those calories from the snack). Items like the rice wine vinegar can sprinkle some additional kick into fruit-glazed wings. Apple cider vinegar, in combination with melted butter and hot sauce, can create an appetizing emulsion.


One can’t talk about this ingenious snack without talking about the sauces. The classic Buffalo sauce cayenne pepper and paprika give the chicken that perfectly sweet and pungent quality; the buttery hot sauce gives the chicken just the right amount of spicy and tangy. For those who don’t want butter, honey is another option; as a natural emulsifier and sweetener, the viscous and healthy substance is an excellent thickening agent. Teriyaki sauce and hoisin sauce have also become ways to serve unconventional chicken wings.


So there you have it. Assemble the team, fetch the dipping sauces, and go wash your fingers; prepare for a feast! A mouthwatering meal for your group of friends and kin isn’t going to eat itself. Devise strategies to enjoy the snacks in creative ways. For a nice outing with chicken wings, simply drop by Johnny’s Bar & Grill!