Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several state governments have mandated the closure of small businesses such as nail salons, restaurants, and bars. Through these trying times, many businesses such as Johnny’s Bar and Grill have been able to remain open while implementing steps to help combat the virus. Going out to dine at a restaurant might not be the same as it was before, but the support that one can provide to their favorite local restaurants is a lot. Read along as we list a few ways in which you can support your local restaurants during this pandemic.

Order Take-out

You might not be able to dine at your favorite places to eat, but you can still enjoy them in the comfort of your home! Restaurants such as ours are offering curbside pickup or delivery to help flatten the curve while remaining efficient. Call your order ahead of time or order online and have it ready to go by the time you get there. If you don’t want to leave the house at all, order through a food delivery service, they too are adapting to the changes and some are even taking it a step further by offering contactless delivery. Just remember to tip your driver!

Tip Your Server

Truth is, we are all experiencing this pandemic together. And while some have been laid-off or furloughed, other’s such as our wonderful team are still coming in to work to provide our customers with their favorites. Recognize their hard work and make their day a bit brighter by leaving them a tip!  

Leave a Positive Review

Virtual appreciation goes a long way! This a quick and easy way to show your appreciation for your favorite local restaurants, and needless to say, it is also free! Froom Google to Yelp and Facebook, there are plenty of platforms where you can share your positive comments. This will not only put a smile on their face, but it will also grab viewers’ attention and convince them to try that place out too!

Repost, Like, and Share!

With everyone staying at home and being more socially active online, it has made it easier for small business owners to connect with their fan base. If you are following a restaurant or any other small business online, make sure to like or share their content!

We hope that these ideas have motivated you to show your support to the local businesses around you. If you are in the Sterling, IL area, feel free to order some delicious American food from our restaurant! We are offering curbside pick. Learn more about our local restaurant and updates by following us on Facebook!