Playing pool at a bar or a billiard is a great opportunity to have fun with friends and show off your skills. Such a game can go from a friendly match to a competitive game depending on who you are playing with and their skill level. Whether you are new to the game, or have experience, you must know a few rules of etiquette to have an enjoyable game while showing your opponent some respect. Read along as we discuss a few of these rules!

Give Your Opponent Space

It is a common mistake to hover over your opponent or grab some chalk while it is their turn. This is bad pool etiquette. If it’s your opponents turn, sit back and watch. Staying in their point of view, or even grabbing chalk while their trying to focus can be very distracting, stay classy and give them their space as you’d like your space too.

No Drinks on the Table

Don’t do it! Do not put drinks or any food on the pool table, place them in their designated area. The last thing you want to do is spill your drink on the table, ruining everyone’s time, it’s considered a big party foul!

Do Not Distract Your Opponent On Purpose

It is against the official pool association rules to stand behind an opponent’s shot. If you are playing with friends, these rules are a lot more lenient, but when playing a serious match, be respectful and don’t stand in the direction they are aiming.

Conclusion Next time you go to a bar or billiard to play pool keep these rules in mind. If you are playing with a stranger spark up a conversation to understand their level of seriousness for the game. Proper pool etiquette is important for a fun and safe game. The more you play pool the better you’ll come to understand these rules. Enjoy a game of pool and delicious food here at Johnny’s Bar & Grill in Sterling, IL!